lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Sexual Harassment on my library....

Today I had a strange situation that I don't wish it to anybody.I went to the library to pick some books, lately is my hobby!!! So I was on the spanish department and there was this guy, a black male, 6" ft tall, skinny, wearing a black Nike t shirt and wearing sport clothes. It kinda feel weird because he did not look spanish at all to me, but you never know, right? So I was over some books and I wasn't putting attention to this guy, the thing is he was getting to the point who was acting very strange, so I moved far away to the crafts sections, and like a minute later, on the other side of the book shelves I see him, like he's looking for books but he isn't, he's actually moving right to left and so on... like he was shadowing my movements. I went down to pick a book and I raise my eyes to the other side through the books and.....OMG!!!! He's masturbating!!!!! So gross, so disgusting.... ughhhh Of course I went straight to the counter to speak with someone about it and to report it!!! We are in a library, imagine if there are kids around!!! What's going on??? Seriously, that situation was awful and felt bad about it. The guy walked away before police arrived, but I did my best to detail everything I remembered, mostly clothes.. and accessories, because I was looking for books, not looking guys!!!

So long ago It happens something strange as well, it was like 60 miles from where I live now. I remember I went to Publix to get some cookies for my hubby and I'm with the cashier, he's ringing up my stuff, and this black male come out of nowhere and ask me how much are the cookies. I respond to him the price thinking that he may like and may want to buy cookies for himself, but no... he open his wallet and was pretending to pay me the cookies. Ehh...excuse me? I don't need noone to pay for my cookies! Hellouuu??? It freaked me out, so I didn;t ran to my car, but I walked as fast as I could. Once I was on my car, I looked over my back, and there he was. So, I started my car and drove, he kinda follow me and I was into going to the police station, but after giving some turns I lost him.
 I spoke about this to my husband and he looks at me perplex but he thinks seriously that I make this up.

Like really??  It always happens something to me when he's no around, either way, I don't think he notices if someone says may be the english barrier... who knows!!!

Does anything like that happen to you before? something strange that you would like to share?

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