jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

Final Cut Pro for Windows?


I'm surprised that with all the technology around we are kinda stuck when planning to edit a video.

If you are a Mac user, that's fine because you have IMovie (that is similar to Windows Movie Maker) and then the next step is going for Final Cut Pro (which not only me, but any who had used before know is fantastic). 

What about other programs for editing?

Let's see Sony Vegas is not that bad but can't compare with Final Cut. Is more like an upgrade from Movie Maker ( at least from my point of view), and the other ones like WeVideo so simple that even a cat can use it. Maybe for 5 years old or people not savvy at all, but on these days even 10 years old kids know how to use those programs a Final Cut..

The next good one that you can use in any platform is Lightworks, and the best is Free the basic stuff like: 
- real time titling effects, real time effects including over 100 presets, advance multi cam editing, second monitor output. You can import in all formats (another plus), but only to upload in youtube, web and Vimeo (like WMM) If you are a youtuber that is just great, no need for more.

So many people use also Pinnacle Video, that it's not bad but is getting older and the updates aren't that special, it's also a pretty easy editor to use, what i like most in here is the background audio that you can add which is super easy. It stops all the time and I don't have the patience.

Then there is Filmora which you also have to pay a quote to be able to use it to the max, but pretty much every video editor is similar to the other, just only the names and some little differences. 

We are already working with 3D printing, with is a huge advance in technology and opened the doors to the world a thousands of opportunities for designers, creators.etc, so how's is possible we still are on pampers with video editing? It should be way more options and better.

I always believed that if I was on my mind it was possible to become a reality... and it's coming... certain things faster than others.

What video editor do you use? Why you like it? Which would you recommend?

Hope to hear from you!!!!

Happy reading!!! :)

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