viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2015

is it getting fit a goal difficult to achieve...?

Yeah  but it doesn't have heard me!! or actually you're reading me at this momento!

 I have gained so much weigh that scares me when I see pictures of myself. Doesn't happen to you? I try everyday to start a diet, I even feel guilty eating but I wasn't motivated so and kept quitting every time. How many of you think that does not have the right "sport wear" to start?.You know deep down is bad excuse!!! You are sabotaging yourself!!!

Or you came with the ideas of " Is hot outside, I'll wait until it gets fresh", and when the time came then you are like... "oh is too dark, don't want to go run because it might some bugs around" or maybe " I already took a shower... so can't do!!!"

 We always will find a million excuses to not to do it, but I think we need to cheer us up every minute, try to keep your mind positive, check the pictures where you feel bad (like that one where your arms looks twice as big... vs the other one you look great, normal and healthy, not skinny, just fine).

Drink tons of water!! I can tell you I'm horrible drinking water but lately what I do is buy water bottles, I noticed I grab them one after another, and at the end of the day I had drank 5. Not bad, right? Or maybe just add some fruits, like lemon, strawberry's, orange... to give a scent to the water. I also love drinking tea, so I usually drink it hot but like 3 to 4 times daily.

Setting up your mind into "healthy mode" is not that difficult, you only need to work on it a day at a time, that's it!! Is fine to put goals like let's say a month, but at the same it brings anxiety to your life and then you end it up eating more. Let's say you have to take it like you are in a cruise with a itinerary of events and just enjoy while you can.

I'll say for starters:

 Wake up in the morning and drink a cup of water (get some shorts and t shirt, have breakfast) try to avoid milk, because is not good for you at all.  Then your regular morning breakfast. (try to avoid sugars or flour)
Do some exercise... no need to kill yourself  running 4 miles or be working out for 2 hours, just leave it at 30 mins. Best way to do this is getting some nice music, that is going to make you dance!!! Oh yeah... something like Work B.cht from Britney Spears, or Party Rock from LMAO.  Just like doing zumba fitness!! Have you tried? If you are not a gym person, you can always get the DVD's and do it yourself at home. Another exercise that I love is Kick Boxing is a nice one!!!

 And then get dress and go to work or whatever you do in regular basis. Don't forget drinking water if you're hungry, and a hot drink after lunch. It helps burns the fat.

For dinner: some veggies,salad, chicken, eggs. Not too much food, just enough,

And if you are having hard time getting into doing exercise,.. there is this fantastic website FitGirls that teach you how to do it, there is a challenge: 28 day Jumpstart that you can follow on Instagram #28dayjumpstart. The only requirement is to purchase their book ( that is really cool and give you tons of tips) and a goal of 28 days into this diet, every day you see girls just like you doing her best, and between each other, show their support, so you are not by yourself and if you need that extra push, they will help you to achieve it. You can repeat as many times as you want.

Check it out first and if you like join!!!

 I know some people get really obsessed in the road of getting fit, but what is important is taking it slow but maintain yourself full motivated and mostly happy with what you are, because the inside is the most precious thing in a person!!! Never forget that!!

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