martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

Are you visiting Barcelona Spain?

Happy Tuesday!!!

Today I decided to post about Barcelona. I live in Miami, US, but my family and I have lived in Barcelona for many years, and it's a beautiful city that's still growing.

Last year I used to work with Marriott as Reservation Agent, and I have a lot of guest traveling to Barcelona, since I love to travel I used to send them a map with all the places they can visit. (It was just an extra, but I thinks it makes a difference when you are traveling, sometimes we get many hours looking on the internet and we miss the city).

So here are some Maps:

Here is the Link, it will be way easier for you to look at it.

Here I attach you the subway map, and then with all the places you can go and visit.

 Touristic places in Barcelona through the Subway exits:

If you staying a week or 15 days, you will have time to check it out everything even travel around the small towns.

 If you only have less than 5 days then I can build an Itinerary regarding those days.

 I have good contacts with packages in Spain and you can have an unique experience under a budget. So if you ever are interested, let me help you here is my email.

Places for guys (and some girls) who love soccer---- The Camp Nou is a must!!! (sometimes you can find great tickets and if you are planning with time you can even see Barcelona vs Real Madrid game).

 If you want to see art, sculptures, designs, architecture, then you must visit: La Pedrera, El Parque Guell, La Sagrada Familia, MontJuic, etc.

 Parque Guell

  La  Pedrera


 La Sagrada Familia.

 Those are only some places to visit. I will post more about this subject, and I'll also let you know about all the apps you can have in your cell phone, to extra help you find in an easy way the best parts of Barcelona!!!

Hope you had travel a little with me this morning!!!

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  1. I LOVE BARCELONA! Great post. :) Camp Nou was definitely fun. Saw Messi score a goal! Here's my post about Barca if you want to see what I did while there. ;)

    1. Thank you Christina!!! Love your blog as well. It seems it was fun!!! Some many places to discover in Europe. Have you been in Paris.. That would be my next post!!! :)

    2. I have been to Paris actually ;) We went twice so there will be another post some time in the future! I just have so many posts to create! (We were backpacking around Europe for 3 months!)