martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

Our gold moon... Poem

Did you see last night moon?
Was huge
she was named Artemis, Aphrodite,
Isis, Morgana, Selene...

Goddess of femininity
involves everybody who watches her
hide in the universe,
admired for everyone
simply beautiful
but lonely
trapped by jail of customs,
desires, fears...

She is secretly in love
of the Sun
but is hard to catch him;
the universe is so big
but only one fire star 
makes her vibrate.

Every night she waits 
until the Sun appears on the horizon.

She waits patiently 
praying for be the only one. 

While the moon waits
the time fly
the love become impossible
to get,
is transformed
in something superfluousness-
when the Sun awakes
and found it out
was too late.

And the Moon
away from the sun
happy to see him every morning
still on the Universe
spells with her magic 
to all of us.

Maybe that's the reason
to feel romance under her light
cause your under her spell.

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