miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Messy room, messy lives?

Every morning I open her door, while asked her to wake up I look all over her bedroom and I get sore eyes, honestly clothes all over the floor, books, papers, cell phone, the new tablet... some dishes and lemonade glasses from a week ago, underneath the bed is pretty much same story and if I check her walking closet I probably die. I close the door and walk away. There isn't a day I ask her to clean her room. I try telling some tips for her to be easier to pick up,  but the deal here is just laziness!! No other words are behind this mess.

When I look back in time I remember my Mom telling me about messy rooms. She always said that if is organized it seems clean. No need to clean the windows, or the floor, desk, etc but if everything it is in place I'll save a lot of time. With that I'm telling you that me, myself wasn't super clean and organized however I didn't have that many things as my daughter has today.
Now that I'm a grown up woman I have to organize my home as best as I can. I'm not crazy cleaning, not me, not my husband and as you read not our girl, but I try to keep as organized as possible, so won't be so difficult and time consuming.

One of my rules are:

1- Make your bed (no matter what, you get already a 50% of the room clean just by that)
2- put your dirty clothes in the basket.
3- grab all the papers, magazines, books, piled up in one place.
4- all shoes you won't use, put it on the closet.
5- hide your pj's under the pillow
6- all your water glasses leave it in the kitchen sink
7- don't move until next room until you finish up this one.

And pretty much that's it, of course if you are in the kitchen some rules change. And so on for the bathroom but always remember the number 7 rule which will help you to not get lost.
Because if you move from one bedroom to another, you will find all your house a mess and more time consumed.
And I assure you if you try this everyday, it will turn as a routine in no matter of time.
So easy to say, so difficult for my daughter to get it done, but like I said it before, laziness is the word!

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