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Are you looking to relocate in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, capital of Sin City... in the State of Nevada, it's actually a city very nice, not all is casinos, night clubs, gamblers, it's also a great place to live mostly around the strip, like 4 miles away in any direction. When I moved there, my first stop was in Summerlin, beautiful area it may be a little pricy but is nice neighborhood and then there is one casino known as Red Rock -not only a casino but a bowling, restaurants, concert area, etc-.


Las Vegas has a lot of jobs, if you are interested to work in the hospitality industry you are in the right spot, because we have plenty of hotels in need of concierges, front desk, sales, Managers, Bartenders, Waitress, croupier, etc.   

A link where to check jobs are:

  • www.indeed.com
  •  -Work for MGM is fantastic-.
  • Job govs
  • www.snagajob.com
  • or craigslist.org -but I don't recommend it, because there is too much scam- so be aware.

 Henderson, Summerlin, Blue Diamond, Spring Valley, Green Valley are the best areas to live.

Let's say you are looking for a three bedroom apartment but your budget in under a $ 1000,00  you can find in Spring Valley, Blue Diamond, and some areas close by Summerlin like Ft. Apache and Tropicana,  or Desert inn rd and Buffalo drive, there are many places where you can look, but if your budget is higher, Summerlin by the Red Rock Casino area is good like Cheyenne ave and Rampart Blvd, or you are more into green area, Henderson and Green Valley is really good, and you are only 5 miles away from the strip. I don't recommend anything too close to the strip, neither to the airport that is on the middle of the city.

Don't forget when you are applying for an apartment, it usually takes up to 5 days to give you an answer, some of them take an application fee of $25 up to $ 75 per person, so be sure what area you like because you don't want to apply in many apartments. Don't forget your credit score goes down every time they run it.

Utility Bills:

You need Phone, Tv, Internet, Home Security, there is COX.
When I used to live there I had Century Link, I never had any problem with it.
When you rent, usually (90% of the times) water and sewer is included in the price.
Electric power  is with NVEnergy, you might leave a deposit (under $200).

Car's bills:

Insurance full cover: around $120 (included two cars) way cheaper than Miami!!
Emision and smog test is around 20 bucks and it also depends on the year of your car. You can find more information here.

In all cities are traffic, that's something you can't control, but you can try different hours, or routes, always check your gps to find out delays on the way. 

Food and Groceries:

If you come from Miami, let me tell you here is not Publix, but is Smith's, Winco's food is like a costco, and I heard really good food, also Mariana's supermarket, which is latin food, Albertson's, Trader joe (good selection of wine) and for organic food there are Farmers Market all over the area.

Places to visit out of the blue of Las Vegas, A MUST SEE: 

Family and kids outside the Strip:

Is winter and you want to enjoy the snow, well grab everyone and get into the car, because you are going to spend the day in a sweet place where everyone is going to have a blast!!! Your destination is called Mt. Charleston, and you can do so many things, not only in winter time but also in summer time, you can go hiking, riding horses, camping or just check the area out, is so worth it!!!

You are into Parks like me... here is another super good, are you ready?? Don't forget your camera, and if you want to take some cooler, ice, drinks, charcoal and some burgers, this is the place to enjoy an unique BBQ. Valley of Fire.

Lake Mead, as it name says has a great lake, where you can rent a boat or jet skis, or having some lunch to the restaurant on the marina and enjoy views, feed the fishes.

The Famous Hoover dam, that is amazing and if you had watched the history channel you already know about it. 

Are you ready for a cowboy experience??? Yes, you!!! but before letting you enjoy this, on the way of this small town , you'll see the Red Rock Canyon, as you have noticed, the mountains in Las Vegas are red, mostly in summer time, and you can enjoy them all over the city, this is something I miss a lot!!!

Bonnie Spring for your son or daughter and yourself, they also have a petty zoo and a restaurant that is open all over the year, love to go in winter because they have this big fireplace and you can sit around and drink a hot cocoa with whipped cream, or if you feel more festive an irish coffee!!

Do you want to find an Oasis in the middle of nowhere? Well this neighborhood is known as Lake Las Vegas, here are some amazing houses, great apartments, casinos, hotels and of course great restaurants, the little town seems like a spaniard little town, is quiet and exquisite. Celine Dion and Elton John live on that area, the only inconvenience is if you want to shop for food you have to get out.

And for the LOVERS... You want to celebrate an anniversary or just to have a really romantic getaway, here is the winery in Pahrump, also looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert, because all around is green. The city it's okay, it has some casinos and is growing a lot because you don't have to pay land taxes. So if you ever want to buy a house, check the prices, really good!! 
Going back to this winery, you can just go and visit, do the tour, try some wines or (that you must at least once in your life) get a reservation on the restaurant, beautiful inside and the food is excellent, Don't forget to try the Simphony 2013 is delicious.

Well I think I got passionated about it, but I think I pretty much gave some tips, on where to look, what to expect, what areas are good, and not too much from the strip, because once you start living in Las Vegas, you probably would work really close by, and at the end of the day, you don't feel like going to the strip, too much traffic, a lot of people drinking, is a mess that once in a while is fine, but everyday....  get's boring!! Only when you have family visiting, and you know, is a nice place because you are 4 hours away from the beach, 4 hours away to the Grand Canyon, 6 hours away from Parck City. And Las Vegas Int'l airport takes you wherever you want!!!

Another thing to keep in mind is to look people like you in Facebook, there is a lot of groups that just move or relocated and they like to get in touch to help each other, or maybe you want to sell some of the furniture you travelled with, there is a yard sale Facebook group, who is fantastic to save some bucks, and instead of putting on the garbage somebody else might be using it!

So if you have any questions, type me back and happy to assist ya!!!

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