lunes, 6 de enero de 2014

Questions on my head... are there in yours?

Do you ever wonder if you will ever meet that person that will complete you? And if you do what sex will be?

 I mean life is getting so complicated that keep up in a relationship seems impossible. 

Sometimes I think I´m living my life as best as I can, take my own decisions, travel around the globe, move to different countrys if I feel the need and the best (for one side) is I don´t have to ask permission to a partner, plus to be honest, someone like me with the ability of not attaching, live in another country with another language, another rules, other weather with a daughter, 2 dogs, driving a Uhaul  from State to State... as myself... that means there is nobody who can be compare to me and if such thing exist is probably on the other side of the globe far from reading this post. 

Guys get confortable which a life full of routine, and don´t take me wrong, that could work great for you but for me it does not have any more exciting. Maybe my Dad transfer me through the genetics to be always inventing, creating, moving, is like a need like the guy who does sports everyday of his life, for me be aware of the world around me, and not to be able to discover with the pros and cons is like being stuck on the time. 

Honestly times flies away so quick that scares me to think I am 32 years old!!! I am old! (not that much, but damm....! I look back and I can´t take back none of that time....

Sometimes I wonder if instead of looking and waiting for the guy, shouldn´t I waiting for the girl that has same strength or passion to live?  Who are we going to lie, women are taking the control even that still is a big machism on  these times... Better to keep open your eyes to see the  opportunities, no matter which gender... Open your mind or I should say mine!!!!

What do you wonder?

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